Q: How do I obtain a Pcard+ and what are its advantages?

All requests are made via: www.pcard.pl.

The advantages of the Pcard+:

  1. Ease of use
    1. Payment at the machines is no longer necessary
    2. Having change is no longer necessary
    3. Keeping proof of payment is no longer necessary
  2. Time saving
    1. Easy access to all Interparking car parks in Poland
    2. Simplified administration for businesses
  3. Advantageous
    1. Recovery of VAT (Private Plus or Business contract, if applicable)
    2. Promotions (up to -30%) in certain car parks
Q: In what car parks can I get the 20% reduction?

You can find everything about our promotions and the car parks where these apply on the www.pcard.pl website.

Q: What do I have to do to change the credit card information?

There will be possibility to change data in "My account" section soon.

Q: I have a Private+ or Business contract: what do I have to do to obtain an additional card?

Any request for an additional Pcard must be made using a “user form”, completed and signed. You can get one from: contact@pcard.pl. Do not forget to mention your customer No. and contract No.

Q: I have a subscription on my Pcard+. How does it work?

Your subscription gives you access to one or more car parks according to a fixed price. When you visit one of these car parks, obviously you do not pay anything. If you use your Pcard+ in a car park for which you do not have a subscription, you pay the rate which applies to this car park reduced by all the promotions that you benefit from as a Pcard+ holder.

Q: I have two cards: one with a subscription for an Interparking car park and one with the P Card function (Private,Private Plus or Business). What must I do?

You will be able to have these two functions combined on one and the same card soon.

Q: How exactly does the evening rate work?

As a Pcard+ holder, you benefit from an evening rate in most Interparking car parks. You will find the complete list of participating car parks on pcard.be. In order to benefit from the evening rate, as a Pcard+ holder, you need take no action but simply use the car parks at those times when the evening rate applies. Regardless of your entry time, your evening fee cannot exceed the evening rate (between €2.25 and €5). You will find the times of the evening rates and rates on the car park details pages on pcard.pl.